Isuzu D-Max MY21 Electric Roll Top

Isuzu D-Max MY21 Electric Roll Top

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The Isuzu D-Max MY21 Electric Roll Top for the for 2013-2019 Model and MY21+ is the ultimate accessory to enhance your vehicle’s potential. Which is why The HSP Roll R Cover is Australias favorite roll top. With features such a built in LED light, advanced water drainage and the ability to open, close and pause the unit via a touch sensor, your mobile phone or even your factory remote.

We are, proudly the only 100% Australian manufactured (not just made) electric roll top in the world and all come with a 3-year warranty standard.


- 100% Australian made and owned
- Open, close, and pause in any position.
- Compatible with HSP Load Bar cross bar system
- Compatible with HSP Ladder Rack System (please note, we do not recommend using any other ladder racks)
- Heavy-duty aluminium
- Full width integrated LED Strip Light
- Built-in AI technology servicing warning light
- Compatible with Sports bar
- Operate via touch sensor built into side rail
- Alternatively, operate via factory vehicle remote
- Or operate via HSP Smart App (Andriod and Apple)
- And finally, operate via voice command (using SIRI)
- 100% Curtain retraction (maximizing tub space)
- Small compact canister
- Mannix black premium black finish