Jay Cowan, Store Manager

Favourite instore product:
Triton bull bars! The demand is so high for these tough bars. Every Ironman 4X4 bull bar is made from premium grade materials and components to deliver the best frontal protection as well as great styling for your vehicle.

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Greatest thing about the outdoors:
I just love getting outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Outdoor adventures with friends, along with a bit of dirt bike riding, is the perfect escape.

Adam Adam, Sales Consultant

Number one 4WD tip:
If you want to travel our amazing country and experience the great outdoors, chances are you will be travelling through some rough terrain, gravel, dirt and more. Make sure you get yourself a 4X4 that is fully equipped with the Ironman gear so you can take on Australia.

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Next destination to discover:
Staying in Australia, I would love to visit The Whitsundays with the family. Between the coral reefs, dense rainforest, hiking trails and white sand beaches, I have no doubt it would be amazing.

Jackson Prater, Sales Consultant

4WD tips for starting out:
Make sure you’re well equipped, research your planned route, and most importantly, know your own limits, as well as your vehicles.

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Favourite Australian adventure destination:
The Snowy Mountains/Monaro Region. I love the climate, the landscape is absolutely beautiful, there is a plethora of wonderful little towns and places to see and conquering the hills on the drive over the mountains is really something special.

Rodney Jenkins, Technician

4WD accessory you can’t leave home without:
Absolutely 4X4 recovery gear. You want to be prepared if you get bogged or stuck in the mud on your trip. A good Ironman recovery kit comes with everything needed for peace of mind when four-wheel driving.

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Favourite place to adventure to:
Turon Gates at Capertee is fantastic. It’s situated in a valley in the Blue Mountains with a kilometre of camping along the Turon River. You are surrounded by nature and relaxing scenery.

Chris Azzopardi, Technician

Most exciting 4X4 accessories to fit on a vehicle:
Definitely front and rear diff lockers. Locking the differential in place, means equal power is pushing through all your wheels so you can handle the most difficult terrain.

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Ultimate outdoor adventure weekend:
A 4X4 adventure to Fraser Island. It’s the world’s largest sand island, plus combined with its stunning scenic appeal, it’s a true 4WD wonder.

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