Ironman 4x4 Rechargeable Portable Shower (and Trigger Spray)

Ironman 4x4 Rechargeable Portable Shower (and Trigger Spray)

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If a shower to you is a consistent, strong flowing, hands-free experience, then this is the pick of the bunch. Simply drop the submersible battery-operated pump into a container filled with water, hang the shower head via the supplied hook or suction fitting, hit the switch and you’ll be bathed in a perfect shower stream.

Ironman 4x4 Rechargeable Portable Shower (and Trigger Spray) a showerhead with built-in on/off controller (by tilting the shower head), and perfect pressure is supplied thanks to a strong 3-litre-per-minute flow rate; that’s a 3-minute shower from a 9L bucket.

Another great feature is the interchangeable head, not only is this a great shower, but also has a trigger-spray which is perfect for washing off tables, tailgates, side-steps, thongs… you name it!

The efficient 3.7V lithium-ion battery has a run time of between 45 & 60 minutes and charges in approximately 4.5hours. Charging is made easy via the supplied USB cable and cig-plug adaptor.

This Ironman 4×4 Rechargeable Portable Shower is the perfect companion to an Ironman 4×4 water tank, which are available in a range of sizes and can be mounted and plumbed permanently in your vehicle.

Top Tip: Get more life out of your battery by decreasing the height difference and relative head pressure between the water supply and the shower head!

- Submersible Pump
- Interchangeable Head
- Shower Head Mounting Bracket
- and Hook
- USB 12V Charging
- Includes Carry / Storage Bag