Slide Away


The Aussie ute has come a long way since its inception in 1934; today they are one of the most versatile vehicles available. However, the balance of secure storage and the benefits of an open tub has always posed a compromise. A problem no longer, with the Ironman 4×4 Slide-Away; a retractable, weatherproof, and secure ute lid.

- Fully retractable ute lid
- Hands-free electronic operation
- Secure and weatherproof

Having a ute, in many scenarios can omit the requirement for a trailer. Utes are perfect for loading full of all types of gear, additionally, with no set height limit they prove very versatile for carting big items that don’t fit in your standard boot. That said, with an open tub comes rain, dust, and insecurity of your valuables.

Hard lids can look great, but they are cumbersome to remove and store when you want to. The only real solution is a retractable, weatherproof, and secure ute lid.

Whether you just love the natural lines of your ute or require a ute that can offer secure storage as well as traditional open-tub ute operation, the Slide-Away offers the best of both worlds, PLUS a level of sophistication and style with its hassle-free electronic operation.


With built-in gutters and integrated plumbing lines, the Slide-Away draws water from the surface and returns it to the road’s surface, providing the confidence that your ute tub won’t fill with water.


Operated at the click of a compact keyring fob, the Slide-Away quietly opens (or closes) in just 10 seconds and can be stopped at infinite intervals to accommodate a partially open/closed state.


The Slide-Away also includes an integrated LED strip light, which is both controlled from the remote key fob and has three brightness settings perfect for finding all your gear at any time of day.


- Frame Materials: Extruded Aluminium
- Cover Materials: Interlocked Aluminium Slats
- Rollers: Self-lubricated nylon
- Water Resistance: Weatherproof
- Base Construction: Clutch Geared Motor Assembly
- Open / Close Time: ~ 10 seconds
- Interior Light: 3 Brightness Settings
- Mounting System: Clamp-On
- Average Weight: ~ 40-45kg model dependent

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