Ironman 4x4 4WD Lift Jack

Ironman 4x4 4WD Lift Jack – 60”

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Simple to use and highly efficient, the Ironman 4x4 4WD Lift Jack – 60” can be used for lifting, pushing, pulling or winching.

When using a high lift jack on a modern day vehicle you need to take care to understand the correct and safest mounting points on the car. Before you head off into the bush ensure you know where these are. Ironman 4×4 Highlift jacks comply with Australian safety standards. Simply to use and highly efficient.

This Jack complies with Australian & NZ standards and has the following features

- 1050kg lifting capacity
- 60 inches or 153cm tall
- Low pick up point
- Long lifting nose of 10cm, for positive contact with load
- Safety shear bolts installed
- Weighs only 17kgs
- Convenient carry bag included